About Us

Dave Ward


Dave was one of the original founders of WRK Systems in 1988. Dave joined Burroughs Corporation after college as a computer salesman. During his career at Burroughs he held various positions including salesman, programmer, District Marketing Support Manager and Branch Manager. Dave has a wealth of knowledge in the networking of commercial and financial businesses.

Dave served three years in the US Army and earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Wayne State College.

Ed James


Ed's focus is on developing internal business units related to Disaster Recovery services as well as Check and Document Imaging solutions for bank and corporate customers and provides many banks with IT Audit services.

Ed has additional duties related to consulting with banks regarding core processing and electronic banking services. In hospitals he consults on IT functions regarding areas from operations and processing to disaster recovery/contingency planning.

Ed joined WRK Systems in 1999 and has enjoyed a career of over forty years in the financial arena. He has a certification in Disaster Recovery Planning.